Keep Moving Forward

Take the step. Tip toe if you must but take the step.

So many people are stuck in their daily lives, always complaining, and hoping things will get better but never do anything about it! Well now is the time to change!

Quit talking about how things are and enabling the past, because that will keep you standing still. That internal conversation is the easiest way to keep reliving the past and living that same experience in your future over and over. Almost like the movie Groundhog Day. The same awful day over and over. The same disappointments, same boyfriend, health challenges, over and over. If you want to change where you’ve been, change the story you tell now.

Make a list of the new you! The new life. The new health. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish. Make a list of your perfect day, your dream life. Read it every day, feel the feelings of having it now. Get emotionally invested in how you would feel as if it were actually happening in the present.

And don’t sweat the small stuff. Do the big things first. Talk about where you are going. Talk about how good you will feel once you get there. Talk about how good you feel NOW. When your present feels like you want it to be, in the future, it most certainly is on it’s way to becoming part of your experience. Don’t forget to surround yourself with people who bring you joy and believe in your vision because a negative environment can be like glue on your shoes as you try to walk.

If you are not happy in your now, just move, take a step, tip toe if you must, but don’t stand still.