Testimonial Tuesdays

Allergy season is coming!

So it’s been a while since I last posted, but wanted to get a few testimonials out for allergies. Here in Wisconsin the buds are just starting to pop on the trees, since it’s the first day of spring many people are dreading the upcoming allergy season! OPC3 to the rescue! OPC3 is an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine helping people find relief from allergies among many other ailments! So here is what others are saying about it:

My husband is a health enthusiast and was toughing out his allergies when my consultant had mentioned to use OPC3. He loves the results. this is the first time in years he hasn’t had to deal with his allergies. My son-in-law just tried it and he forgot he had to take medication for it. He also is a health enthusiast and loves this product…
by Theresaw

My niece had tried many OTC remedies for her allergies. One day I suggested that I had a product that I thought she would greatly benefit from. Long story short, she decided to give it a try. In three days, taking three caps a day, she felt great! The natural relief is the best relief!
by Diana B

I suffered from seasonal allergies for the longest time. I was on so many medications and I would go twice a week for shots. I started taking OPC3 3 1/2 years ago and have been of all meds, and no more shots. Through the spring I do up my dose to 2 caps for 2 months.
by Margo C

Best of all, OPC3 has no negative side effects that over the counter or prescription allergy medication can have. If you are looking for more information or where to find OPC3, please comment below!

Happy Spring Everyone!


Testimonial Tuesday – Baby Soothing Ointment, for adults too!

Good Tuesday evening! Here’s another Testimonial Tuesday post for you! As some of you may know, Travis, my husband and I are expecting our first baby, so naturally I’ve been researching baby products! One that kept coming up is a product called DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment. DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment is a nontoxic formula strong enough to soothe and yet gentle enough for the softest skin. Using natural ingredients like willow herb, shea butter and coconut oil, this ointment protects sensitive skin while locking in much-needed moisture. DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment helps keep your baby’s skin healthy and hydrated while providing soothing comfort.

So as promised here are some testimonials:
By Rennisance woman from West Bend, WI. About Me: Parent of Two or More Children
“Shared this product with a friend for her 4 year old daughter who had dry skin from eczema. Her skin was softer than ever and the ointment did not ‘sting’. Used on the heels of my feet after a pedicure to soften and make them baby smooth. Also works on very dry hands…even construction workers!”

By SJRED, from South Jersey. About Me: Grandparent
“Worked quickly to heal the chapped hands of our 7 year old granddaughter. Nothing else worked up to that point. The redness and burning were gone in just a few days. Amazing!”

By JenniferC, from USA.
“Works so well. My son’s skin is baby smooth again, not the dry cracked skin we usually see in the winter. I use it on myself as well, great product!”

So needless to say I’m going to order some. Not only for when the baby gets here, but for my growing belly! That coconut oil will hopefully save me from getting those pesky stretch marks!

Looking to try this ointment out? Here’s a quick link with the science & specific ingredients for you: http://bit.ly/DNAointment

FIXX Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

FIXX Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

This photo says it all!
What other’s are saying:

Great results!!!!! By BeverlyK from USA
This shampoo is the first shampoo that actually does what it suppose to do!!!! Makes my hair fell and looker much thicker and fuller. I have used serveral other brands and this one does it best. Thank You!!!!

By Shirley Wu from Markham, ON, Canada
Great Value – Getting great results from our salon clients!! They are loving the fact that this is a 2 in 1 product and helps them reduce hair loss.

By LisaM from USA
Its Helped my Husband – My husband, at age 51, has a bit of a receding hairline which started to look thin on the sides, now after using Fixx Thick daily for 3 months I see a big difference. His hair is thicker. I knew he liked it when the cap was off so he could use every last drop in the pump dispenser bottle!

By Catherine MW from USA
I have baby fine hair and it is starting to thin. I have been using this product for several months and it really seems to help pump up the volume. I love that it is a one step shampoo and conditioner. It is also quite economical for my short hair. Two pumps dispenses more than enough. My only complaint is that, after a couple of weeks use, the pump started to stick and I have to pull it up in order to dispense the full amount. Otherwise, a great product.

Testimonial Tuesday – Improving Your Gas Mileage

Just in time for your summer trips and just as gas seems to be steadily creeping higher, I thought this would be the perfect time for a testimony on improving your gas mileage.  It’s a note written from a father to his son!  Enjoy!

Hi Son,

As you know, before I left your house this morning, I dumped the 8 oz. container of Friction Free 3000 in the crankcase of my 2008 Lexus 350. You may also be aware that this car has 80,000+ miles on it and that it is an automatic 4WD vehicle.

For the most part, the average mpg that I get is around 21.1 mpg on a trip – much less around town. We drove from Berwick, Me to Carlisle, PA today. I am able to check the average mileage with the onboard navigation system. I was anxious to see if the FF 3000 would make a difference in my mileage. I checked after the first hour and about each hour thereafter. The average mpg increased every time I checked it. When we arrived here in Carlisle this afternoon, the average showed 24.8 mpg.

I was impressed. We still have three days travelling before arriving in Florida. I will continue to check the mpg on the way.

Thought you might like this information. Oh, by the way, it may be my imagination but it seemed to me the engine performed better and ran quieter than usual. I’m happy with the performance I got today…

Love, Dad

If you are looking for this Friction Free 3000, click on the shopping link to the right and enter it in the search bar!  I know everyone is looking for ways to save!  Happy travels!

Testimonial Tuesdays – Lupus

Good Tuesday Morning!  I’m going to be adding a new category to be featured on Tuesdays with testimonials from my company.  I feel it’s an obligation of mine to spread this information to as many people as I can, if I can help one, I can help more!

The first testimonial is about lupus, by a good friend of mine Boni Wendel who is a nurse practitioner at Colombia St. Mary’s.

Here’s her story:

“I am a health professional and when I found out that my husband had lupus I studied and researched what would be available to help him. I would use either traditional medicine or nutritional supplements.  He was an avid runner prior to his diagnosis.  This disease had ravaged him to about 150 pounds and sleeping at least 18 hours per day.  His state of health was not acceptable to him and I set out on a journey to get him well.

I attended any and all seminars on auto-immune diseases and from my education knew that these auto-immune diseases are all about inflammation.  The body for some reason sees certain tissues as foreign and sends out anti-bodies against them.  Lupus focuses on the connective tissues which cause weakness of the joints, malaise and a general flu-like feeling.

A friend of mine introduced me to OPC3.  Its properties are anti-inflammatory in nature.  Its action is a tremendous help in the calming the body and allowing it to heal.  Up until then all he could take was prednisone for a flare of his symptoms which actually would make he feel better but hungry and irritable.  The OPC 3 was the ticket.

Western medicine recommends fish oil for inflammation.  The dose has to be quite high 6-9 grams daily.  I researched fish oil and he would have had to take at least 18 capsules a day and the mercury in them would have its own deleterious effects.  I was willing to pay out-of-pocket for prescriptions strength Omega 3 fish oil but it would have cost about $750.00/month to use off label.  Prescription strength is highly filtered and high dose so that he would not have to take as many capsules.

The Market America Omega 3 provides 3 grams (verses 4 grams in prescription strength) with highly filtered fish oil at a fraction of the cost.  We spend about $75.00/month for the Omega 3.  When people say that our Omega 3 fish oil is expensive I chuckle to myself as they know not of what they speak.

My husband has had remarkable success and is back to running and took up biking as well.  What we save on the cost of prescription strength Omega 3 fish oil we now invest in high-tech bicycles!  He is disappointed that his times are not as fast but he feels blessed that is his more himself.  We have also added CoQ10 (recommended for muscle function), multivitamin of course and the activated B complex.

I have him back thanks to the high quality products with their unique delivery system.”

If you have any questions about the products or any questions for Boni, please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  Also, please pass this on to anyone you may know who is dealing with lupus.