Showing Up

I have read about the importance of showing up in multiple books & articles. This weekend has proven the importance one more time, for not only me, but my business associates as well.

So many times people have the simple choice to either go to something or not. I say simple because it really is as simple as committing to going & planning accordingly. It’s also just as easy to say something has come up.

Over the course of 6 years I have consistently showed up for three events each year held by my company. This is the number one reason my business has been successful. No I’m not at the point I wish to be, but being a stay at home mom is a pretty good goal to have reached.

So I’m going to keep this short, when you have access to events that you know you should attend, do what the top 5% of income earners in this country have done, and show up!

To your success!


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