Becoming a Mom

The realization of becoming a mom!
baby pic
As of yesterday I am officially 25 weeks into my pregnancy, my pic was from last week, only 15 weeks to go. I can’t help to first be so very thankful for this little blessing! As my husband and I were watching the little baby kicks and punches of baby on my belly yesterday, it’s just an awe inspiring moment that you are solely responsible for this little baby!

As I’m starting to register for my baby showers and creating the nursery, it’s a bit overwhelming to think about all the different ways our lives are going to change! I’ve been blessed with a healthy and easy pregnancy thus far, and am truly looking forward to the next step! Overwhelming as it is, I’ve found relief in looking and asking God for strength and direction. Just when I tears are starting to roll down my face, I think that God has not given me anything in my life that I can’t handle, and this baby is no exception! Travis and I couldn’t be happier that at this time in our lives, a new little life is going to be given to us! Thank you God!

Where have you mom’s out there found relief when doubt and anxiety cloud your mind?



  1. Somewhere that makes you happy! Having you time is vital being pregnant, and I did it alone. You will be pounded by changing emotions, but just remember the blessing inside and the feelings will subside.


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