5 Reasons to Take a Vacation

It’s summer! Vacation time! My next vacation I’m looking forward to is the long July 4th weekend. Not only are we celebrating Independence Day, but also my brother’s wedding!
But if you are looking for a reason to take a vacation here are five:

1. Relieves Stress – The very first benefit of leaving everything behind and relieving your brain of all your worries is reduced stress.
Several studies have shown a direct link between stress and health conditions such as headaches, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other types of infections acquired as a result of a weaker immune system. It has also been scientifically established that taking vacations reduces the incidence of burnout.
Relief from stress often gives us a new perspective on life, allows us to regain energy and often to find simple and sometimes obvious solutions to problems that had previously seemed impossible to solve.

2. Improve your mental skills
Some studies have found a positive relationship between vacations and logical thinking. A well-rested mind that is free of worry is often more effective.

3. Improve your physical health
Besides getting you away from daily stressors, a vacation often gives you the opportunity to catch up on sleep and exercise, two simple remedies for many aches and pains.

4. Strengthen family ties
Too often, in our fast-paced daily routine, family relationships suffer. A vacation is a great opportunity to discover each other in a different setting and to build lasting memories.

5. Enjoy life
Taking time off can be a great opportunity to meet new people, laugh and do the things that you most enjoy!

So start planning that next vacation! Get out of the rut and enjoy a few days just to yourself!


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