Testimonial Tuesdays – Lupus

Good Tuesday Morning!  I’m going to be adding a new category to be featured on Tuesdays with testimonials from my company.  I feel it’s an obligation of mine to spread this information to as many people as I can, if I can help one, I can help more!

The first testimonial is about lupus, by a good friend of mine Boni Wendel who is a nurse practitioner at Colombia St. Mary’s.

Here’s her story:

“I am a health professional and when I found out that my husband had lupus I studied and researched what would be available to help him. I would use either traditional medicine or nutritional supplements.  He was an avid runner prior to his diagnosis.  This disease had ravaged him to about 150 pounds and sleeping at least 18 hours per day.  His state of health was not acceptable to him and I set out on a journey to get him well.

I attended any and all seminars on auto-immune diseases and from my education knew that these auto-immune diseases are all about inflammation.  The body for some reason sees certain tissues as foreign and sends out anti-bodies against them.  Lupus focuses on the connective tissues which cause weakness of the joints, malaise and a general flu-like feeling.

A friend of mine introduced me to OPC3.  Its properties are anti-inflammatory in nature.  Its action is a tremendous help in the calming the body and allowing it to heal.  Up until then all he could take was prednisone for a flare of his symptoms which actually would make he feel better but hungry and irritable.  The OPC 3 was the ticket.

Western medicine recommends fish oil for inflammation.  The dose has to be quite high 6-9 grams daily.  I researched fish oil and he would have had to take at least 18 capsules a day and the mercury in them would have its own deleterious effects.  I was willing to pay out-of-pocket for prescriptions strength Omega 3 fish oil but it would have cost about $750.00/month to use off label.  Prescription strength is highly filtered and high dose so that he would not have to take as many capsules.

The Market America Omega 3 provides 3 grams (verses 4 grams in prescription strength) with highly filtered fish oil at a fraction of the cost.  We spend about $75.00/month for the Omega 3.  When people say that our Omega 3 fish oil is expensive I chuckle to myself as they know not of what they speak.

My husband has had remarkable success and is back to running and took up biking as well.  What we save on the cost of prescription strength Omega 3 fish oil we now invest in high-tech bicycles!  He is disappointed that his times are not as fast but he feels blessed that is his more himself.  We have also added CoQ10 (recommended for muscle function), multivitamin of course and the activated B complex.

I have him back thanks to the high quality products with their unique delivery system.”

If you have any questions about the products or any questions for Boni, please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  Also, please pass this on to anyone you may know who is dealing with lupus.


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