NCAA Basketball Bracket – The Choices

March Madness is upon us!  I’m a huge college basketball fan.  I have an organic love of the game.  I started playing at age 7; my dad acted as coach and referee of my first team at a local public school.  I continued playing through varsity year in High School.  So when March Madness comes around, I’m in heaven!

So when it comes to filling out my tournament bracket I do put a little thought and expertise into my picks!  Considering I’ve taken the pot two out of ten brackets I’ve filled out, I think I may have it figured out.

Some things to consider when you are choosing your teams, obviously their ranking, their record, did they end the season on a high note or a losing record, and their experience in the tournament, but more importantly are the other non-obvious ways to choose!  Things like location of the school, is it in the south or north part of the country, and where I’d like to travel.  Mascots, school colors and favorites from the past are considered.  Plus, since I live in Wisconsin I usually have UW-Milwaukee, my alma mater, Wisconsin and Marquette.  I’ve never really liked Marquette so it was such a shame they didn’t make it in this year, boo hoo!

Other ways to choose: flipping a coin, which ranks higher alphabetically, which mascot could win in a fight, the city the college is in, ask your kids to pick the bracket, and if you want to heat up March in your house, choose every team opposite of your spouse’s pick.

And some real stats, I recommend you pick at least 10 upsets in the first round, never pick a 16-seed to win, it has NEVER happened.  At least one 2-seed will fall in the first round.  And if you are good at picking the overall champion right, your overall odds are pretty good.

Best of luck to you!  Bring on the madness!ncaa bracket


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